IHE 18 Select Evening

A glorious evening curated by Celebrity Chef Manjit Gill and Sunil Sethi bringing in a unique amalgam of fashion and mouth-watering delicacies

The Banaras Evening + Fashion Show

Chef Manjit Singh Gill

President, Indian Federation of Culinary Associations

Sunil Sethi

Chairman, Steering Committee IHE 2018, Director, India Expo Mart Limited and Founder Sunil Sethi Design Alliance

Banaras is one of those special exquisite places in India known for both its cuisine as well as textile design. The best part is that it comes with an extremely rich heritage that goes back hundreds of years. Who hasn’t heard of the famous Banaras Silk or even the famous Banaras Chaat? Hence, Chef Manjit Singh Gill and Sunil Sethi decided to bring forth a beautiful spectacle celebrating this rich heritage in the form of ‘Banaras’ Evening.

Adding to the panache of this evening, the models showcased the collection of Ekaya Banaras and Taani by Tanira Sethi, bringing alive the rich heritage of Banaras. The evening finally culminated into a lavish food spread curated by Chef Manjit Gill