Visitor Testimonials

In a 4-day long show, we brought the industry leaders, stalwarts and decision makers on one platform, to talk all about hospitality. And here's what they have to say about IHE 18...
IHE-19---Testimonials---Harsimrat Kaur

Smt. Harsimrat Kaur Badal

Union Minister for Food Processing Industries Government of India

“The Government of India is aiming to achieve one per cent share in world’s international tourist arrivals by 2020, and two per cent share by 2025, and we need such platforms that can act as a trailblazer for the hospitality industry in the country. I wish India Expo Centre & Mart, as well as IHE 18, the very best in their vision to create the top hospitality show in Asia. “

IHE-19---Testimonials---Sahibzyada Syed

Sh. Sahibzada Syed Habib-ur-Rehman

Non-Executive Independent Director, ITC Limited

“As I grow in years, it always feels nice to be remembered. Sometimes you have a reason, an opportunity to contribute to the hospitality industry – to want to see it flourishing. IHE 18 is one such platform that provides you a chance to achieve it all.”

IHE-19---Testimonials---Amit Burman

Sh. Amit Burman

Vice Chairman, Dabur India Ltd and Chairman, Lite Bite Foods Pvt Ltd

“All kudos to the IHE board, senior decision-makers, and IEML for focussing on the growth of hospitality industry. This spectacular publicity will be one of the most important factors in making IHE 18 a huge success. This will undoubtedly become the biggest show in Asia and an excellent platform for showcasing the art, skills as well as upcoming trends in the industry that will put it at par with international hospitality shows.”

IHE-19---Testimonials---Manjit Gill

Chef Manjit Gill

President, Indian Federation of Culinary Associations

“The professionals must know what is going to happen in the future, what news things are coming up for the customers needs. Expos like IHE 18 provide a platform for professionals to come and see these very things that will shape the future.”

IHE-19---Testimonials---Sanjay Sharma

Mr. Sanjay Sharma

Market VP, Marriott – North India & Nepal

“This is my first visit to IHE 18 and I was amazed! I have been to many shows across the world and this show stood at an international level. What I liked the best was the infrastructure of this event, it was absolutely world-class and the quality of event presentation was amazing.”

IHE-19---Testimonials---Davinder Kumar

Chef Davinder Kumar

President, Indian Culinary Forum

“IHE 18 is remarkable. It’s definitely one step ahead. I have seen many shows abroad and seeing this exhibition today, I can say that it’s been very beautifully done. It’s B2B, it’s very convenient and it’s very effective.”

IHE-19---Testimonials---Nirmal Khandelwal

Mr. Nirmal Khandelwal


“The IEML board and the entire team has worked really hard to create this show, which is better than many International Hotel Shows. All this has been done in 3 months.”

IHE-19---Testimonials---Hari Dadoo

Mr. Hari Dadoo

MD Dadoo Industries

“There was a need for an international platform for the hospitality industry. Any company around the globe that’s manufacturing would want to sell their products in India. So, I had a dream of creating a platform and now after the hard work of 5 years, this dream has manifested.”

IHE-19---Jayshree Nagraj

Smt. Jayashree Nagaraj

Founder PHA & VP, SA Group of Hospitality

“IHE 18 is a great eye opener for hospitality industry because the expo has created a bridge between housekeeping and other hospitality industry subjects.”

IHE-19---Testimonials---Gunjan Goyla

Ms. Gunjan Goela

Vegetarian Food Consultant

“I am very glad that IHE 18 is happening because there are so many people with various products we don’t even get to know about. This happens because they don’t get a platform to showcase their products band to come out in the market. So, it’s a win-win situation for three of us – the manufacturer, the consumer and the buyer.”

IHE-19---Testimonials---Madhu Chandhok

Smt. Madhu Chandok

Founder, PIP2020

“IHE is a one-stop shop – a place where you can come, touch, feel and experience products…”

IHE-19---Testimonials---Chef Abhishek

Chef Abhishek

Director of Culinary, Seasons Catering

“What we had thought about IHE 18 and what we’re seeing here is totally different. In two months they have changed the game. In such a short time, getting so many brands on the ground – this is simply marvellous.”

IHE-19---Testimonials---Rakesh Sethi

Mr. Rakesh Sethi

Corporate Chef, Radisson Group of Hotels

“I am amazed to see the magnitude of today’s Banaras Evening and Fashion Show. If we can hold shows at this scale, then people from all over the world will appreciate India’s role in building an international level exhibition. And last but not the least, today’s dinner at Banaras Evening was simply spectacular.”

IHE-19---Testimonials---Rajneesh Sharma

Mr. Rajneesh Sharma

Editor and Publisher, Hammer Publishers Pvt Ltd

“I always thought why can’t we create a show of international level, in India. But seeing this show today, I can say that now we can match up to the international standards. There are people from various verticals in the industry, and the show has given value offer to all of them. “

IHE-19---Testimonials--Anil Grover

Chef Anil Grover

Hoi An International Food Festival

“This is my second visit to IEML. They have put up amazing show in the form of IHE 18. Very well managed and with a stellar visitor list. I wish IHE 18 all the best for future endeavours as well.”

IHE-19---Testimonials---Anil Bhandari

Mr. Anil Bhandari

Former MD, ITDC

“I am very happy to be here at India International Hospitality Expo 2018. It’s a great show, very well managed and organized. It’s fantastic. I wish they continue like this. And hats off to the entire team for putting this together. “