In an effort to make an impact on the global stage and maximize its potential for the visitors as well as exhibitors, IHE 19 made its presence felt at The Hotel Show Dubai

In tandem with our vision to take IHE 19 to an international stage and provide global opportunities to our esteemed visitors as well as exhibitors, we shall make our presence felt at the most renowned international hospitality shows from around the world. Hence, we laid the groundwork of this grand vision by promoting IHE 19 at The Hotel Show Dubai – one of the most sought after hospitality exhibition shows in the world.

“The opportune time arrived when we felt a need to take IHE 19 to the global stage. We want our visitors and exhibitors to have a successful relationship with us and to takeaway the sentiment that their association with IHE 19 not only opened the doors of success for their hospitality business nationally, but also internationally. Hence, what better to make an international impact than The Hotel Show Dubai – a platform that has promised to be bring on board many international visitors”Rakesh Kumar, Chairman, IEML and Executive Director, EPCH
Sharing the same sentiments Hari Dadoo, President IHE 19 said, “We made a mark nationally with the previous edition of IHE 19 and this time a poignant need arose to widen the horizons. Hence, in order to realize the grand vision of IHE 19 – to become the biggest hospitality show in Asia – we decided to make an international impact with The Hotel Show Dubai. The response has been fantastic and a multitude of new opportunities have opened that will act as a springboard of success for our visitors as well as exhibitors.”

Hence, with new gateways of attracting influential visitors from across the globe we shall continue promoting IHE 19 at international shows to ensure that each edition is bigger, better and grander than the previous one.

IHE 19@Dubai
IHE 19
IHE 19@Dubai
IHE 19@Dubai