Additional Events at IHE 2019

Apart from the Expo and Conferences, India International Hospitality Expo 2019 will feature a lot of other attractions

Live Culinary Theatres


Witness mouth-watering delicacies being prepared by celebrity chefs from across the country, from 4 different cuisines :

1.Parsi Cuisine         2. Chinese Cuisine         3.Indian Fusion         4.Mixology


Free Coffee And Mixology Training

There will be free coffee and mixology training throughout the full four days of the show. Visitors can develop their skills and knowledge in two of the hottest beverage trends; coffee and liquor.

Wine & Cheese Masterclass

Cheese and wine are the perfect match. IHE will witness a wine connoisseur teach the audience the fine art of pairing the two.

The Art of Plating Up

IHE will witness an executive chef teach the audience the fine art of plating up food to make it look even more appetizing.

Fast Food Frenzy : 10 minute cooking

The audience will learn how to make some delectable snacks within 10 minutes by some of the best chefs of the country.

Cooking Competitions

IHE Super Chef

A culinary battle between the best Executive Sous-Chefs  from across the country to decide the one and only Super Chef.

IHE Cocktail Shakedown

Bartenders from across the country get a chance to shake it up and whip up the best cocktail at this contest.

IHE Latte Artist

Coffee is the new “in” thing driving the country crazy and why shouldn’t we tap into the frenzy! Here the best coffee makers from across the country compete to make a perfect blend – both in looks and taste.  

IHE Bread Battle

Time to see which bakery (hotels as well as stand alone outlets) can bake the perfect bread!

IHE Housekeeping Hustle


Teams from India’s biggest hotels will pitch against one another in this live competition which will take place in front of a large audience.

The housekeeping teams – who are a vital part of any hotel and are often the unsung heroes have the opportunity to showcase their skills and the technicalities involved in proper guest room cleaning and maintenance. Their impeccable skills shall come to display at this contest through dummy rooms and their skill to impress the judges.

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